Frequently Asked Questions

Should you not find the answer you needed, please feel free to contact us on 010 612 0611 or  [email protected]

General FAQ’s

How do I check coverage in my area?

You can check for coverage on our Portal Maps on our website. Click here to go to the coverage portal.

Please place a full address when checking for coverage.

How do I place an order?

Step 1: Please register

Step 2: Click on Sign-in icon

Step 3: Select the package

Step 4: Continue with your online purchase.

When will Home-Connect bill me?

Once you receive the Home-Connect router and the router device is connected , our accounts department will send you your invoice.

Why are some of your package prices different?

Pricing varies and is dependent on the Fibre provider being available in your residential area.

I have submitted my order on the portal. What now?

  1. Order will be approved within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)
  2. Order will have placed with Open access provider
  3. Open Access Provider will contact you to arrange the Fibre installation at your home. Please note SLA for new installations and activations differ. Please check your Open Access Provider SLA on the “Home Fibre” tab
  4. Once installed, and the Fibre Line is activated, your router will be dispatched to the delivery address you have input upon signup

What is meant by Activate , Connect, Ignite and Ultimate Packages?

These are the Home-Connect Packages. Each package category offering is different depending on the network and the charges associated.

Please feel free to contact our sales team for more information on any of our packages.

Activate Packages:

Should you already be with another ISP, and have the Fibre installed with the specific provider’s ONT on site, we will switch customer over to Home-Connect at no cost.

On Some networks a once off fee is applicable.

Connect Packages:

Home-Connect will cover the Installation fees to the Open Access Provider. Should you select the Connect Package and cancel within 1 a one year period, you will be charged for the full cost of activation & installation fees.

Ignite Packages:

Once off fees applicable , available on certain networks.

Ultimate Packages:

Home-Connect will cover the Installation fees to the Open Access Provider. Should you select the Ultimate Package and cancel within a one year period, you will be charged for the full cost of activation & installation fees ( at a Pro-Rata rate).

What is an ONT or CPE?

ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal.

The ONT (also called the modem) connects to the Termination Point (TP) with an optical Fibre cable, and connects to your router via an LAN / Ethernet cable.

A CPE (customer Premises Equipment) does the same function as a ONT.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Only on our Connect and Ultimate packages. Read our Terms and Conditions here.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my service?

Log your request for change of service request on your Login profile. We require one month’s calendar notice for downgrades.

Upgrades take 24 hours to process and can be logged for ASAP depending on the date you select.

For any assistance logging the change of service request, please contact our customer service team [email protected] or 010 612 0611

Does Home-Connect offer VoIP?

Phone line @ R78.00 per month. Port your number R220.00 once-off. TalkTalk All You Can Eat @ R278.00 per month which includes once-off porting of your number and Free unlimited calls to all local landline and mobile operators.

How long does installation take?

Home-Connect makes use of Open Access Fibre Providers that lay the physical Fibre infrastructure. Different Fibre providers have different lead times for installing the Fibre.

Router Deliveries?

Deliveries in Gauteng: 24 hours, deliveries in the rest of South Africa: 48 hours. These Timelines exclude weekends and public holidays.

Will a technician come and install the router?

Router to be delivered to you via The Courier Guy, once the router is dispatched you will receive an email with the Waybill number to track your delivery. Deliveries in Gauteng: 24 hours, deliveries in the rest of South Africa: 48 hours. These Timelines exclude weekends and public holidays. Router Guideline is in the router box for a plug and play set-up. Should you need assistance connecting your router , please contact support at [email protected] or 010 612 0611

There is a problem on my Fibre Line. Can I arrange for a call out?

Depending on the nature of the query or issue the Home-Connect support engineer will trouble shoot remotely to identify where the fault lies.

Should the fault lie on the Open access provider Fibre infrastructure, Home-Connect Technical Support will deal directly with the Fibre Provider and keep you informed on status of Fibre Outage or Fibre break.  Home-Connect Support team are able to assist up to the point of the Home-Connect router, anything required from an internal networking perspective you would need to arrange with a 3rd party networking company to assist.

Should you need assistance with the first time setup of the Home-Connect router, please note the call out fee is R650.00 per hour.

Payment Method

Our Payment method is Debit order only. 1st, 15th or the 25th of the month.

Billing Terms?

Our payment terms for all once-off and monthly fees are in advance.
Service(s) provided for part of a month will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

Please note that this is a month to month contract , 1 calendar month notice period applies for all upgrades, downgrades and cancellations (Terms and conditions apply).

One cannot pause services and charges will resume and be incurred for suspended accounts as well as accounts that are in arrears.

Can I use my own router?

On certain networks using your own router device is possible. Check with our support team to confirm capability.

Invoices? Query on my account?

Log into your Home-Connect portal and click onto BILLING INFORMATION for:

    • Balance Check
    • Invoice Details
    • Statement Receipt

Or download the Home-Connect app –

Monthly invoices will be sent to you from our accounts team. For any queries please email our accounts team [email protected]

How do I cancel?

Log your cancellation on your Login profile. Cancellations are one month’s calendar notice. Terms and conditions apply on terminations

Can I pause my FTTH service while I am away from Home?

We are unable to pause your FTTH service while you are away from Home. Our Open Access Fibre Providers do not offer a pause service option, and the contract is month to month.
Should you be away for longer than 3 months and not want to pay for services, we would suggest cancelling your link – with a calendar months’ notice and then re-applying for the FTTH service as if it is a new application. Do bear in mind there will be a lead time involved for getting your Fibre link connected again.

Click here for our T’s and C’s for Cancellations

I am moving houses, what should I do?

Due to fibre being a fixed line technology, the service cannot be moved to our new address. You can however, log a move of address. This cancels your application and allows you to create an application without having to pay any cancellation fees if you have not been a Home-Connect customer for more than 12 months.

Step 1 :

Login to your Home-Connect portal with your username and password that you input upon signup.

Step 2 :

Once logged in click under my services and select Moving Address and choose between WhatsApp or SMS for authentication.

Step 3 :

Complete the Cancellation page and then click go to coverage to complete a new application.

Step 4 :

Follow the process till the end and create a new application for the new address. Please kindly ensure that you are provided with a new application number, and you take along your router to your new premises.

To remember:

We still require a calendar month notice to cancel your services at your old address. You may still receive services at the new address, but will be required to pay for the calendar month for your old address
The same lead times for new installations and activations apply.

Change of Banking details from one family member to the next ?

Change of debit order detail can be submitted through the Home-Connect Portal by selecting Update Banking information under My profile tab.

Alternatively , should you want another family member to take over the billing account , you may also opt for transferring the account to them ( refer to Home-Connect: Transfer of Ownership Process FAQ)

Cancellations & New Applications ?

A Cancellation and a New Application will apply when:

  • At any stage that the Home-Connect account holder/homeowners are vacating the premises and new Tenants are moving into the unit/house/apartment
  • There is a changeover from Landlord to a new tenant

The Fibre ONT equipment must remain at the premises and a new router Home-Connect will be provided  ( unless otherwise specified).

If at any point new residents are moving into the premises and a new person will be responsible for payments , previous owner must cancel, and a new application order must be created by the new resident.

Should you have any questions on cancellations, updating banking details or transfer of accounts please email Customer Service [email protected]

Click here for our Ts and Cs for Cancellations

What are the sales hours?

Our Sales team are available Weekdays 8am to 5pm.

And 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

010 612 0611 or [email protected]

What are the support hours?

Our Support team are available Weekdays 7am to 8pm.

And 8am to 2pm on weekends and on public holidays.

010 612 0611 or [email protected] or our WhatsApp line – 060 085 0465

What are your Customer Service hours?

Our Customer Service team are available Weekdays 8am to 6pm.

010 612 0611 or [email protected] or our WhatsApp line – 060 085 0465

Technical FAQ’s

Testing over Wireless

Please bear in mind that Fibre services are more stable and reliable than ADSL, we deliver the service via the Open Access Fibre Provider’s ONT directly through to the Home-Connect router. Which we supply with our packages.

The Home-Connect router has Wi-Fi capabilities that delivers the bandwidth to your home over a dual band frequency (this being 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ), do bear in mind that Wi-Fi has its limits due the below factors that interfere with Wi-Fi:

  • The distance of the devices connected from the wireless router and if there are thick walls within the home
  • Overlapping channel interference caused by wireless networks in the area (frequencies such as your Microwave & fridges omit a frequency that can also affect your router, so please keep it away from such appliances)
  • The number of devices (such as phones, tablets, laptops and media devices) connecting to the router.

Should you suspect your line is not stable over the Fibre, please conduct a speed test directly over LAN cable and ensure the following:

  • Disable all devices connected to the router. This includes, VOIP phones, Tablets, cell phones, smart TVs etc…
  • Plug the router directly into the provider’s CPE or ONT via the LAN/Ethernet cable into your computer (Note your computer CPU usage must not be over utilized when conducting the test).
  • Please do a speed test and select the CipherWave Server
  • Conduct the speed test.

Should you be getting less than the speed the signed up for via LAN, please send screen shots of the testing to [email protected] or call 010 612 0611 and the technical team will assist you accordingly.

Should you have a rather large home that needs to be connected, what we normally recommend is for you to add boosters, extenders or Access Points into your home.

This can be arranged through a third-party networking company of your choice to install the infrastructure; or we can recommend a company for you.

Top 3 Factors That Affect Wi-Fi Performance?

Wi-Fi Router Positioning

  • High vs Low. Having your Wi-Fi router on the floor or behind other objects usually results in noticeably worse performance. Instead, place the router as high up as possible to extend the broadcasting range of the radio waves. This also helps clear the router of possible interferences.
  • Distance. The further away from your router you get, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, the best option is to place your router as close to your devices as possible, but this is only practical if you have one main area where you tend to use your devices.


Wireless Interference from other devices

  • Microwaves,
    Cordless phones and even baby monitors operate at a frequency which is incredibly close to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. Make sure your router isn’t next to or blocked by other objects, especially devices that are electronic.
  • Bluetooth devices,
    including speakers and sound bars, also happen to operate at 2.4 GHz, interfering with Wi-Fi signal. Try to turn those devices off to see if this is the cause of your troubles — especially if they are older Bluetooth devices without channel management.
  • You may need to change the 2.4 GHz channel in your router, or set it to automatic mode and let the router find the less noisy channel automatically. You may also want to try the 5 GHz SSID (usually provided with Spirit-configured routers), as this frequency is normally much less congested.

Your neighbours

  • Neighbours’ Wi-Fi devices. These days every household has their own Wi-Fi network, which can cause issues with signal congestion due to channel overlap. This can be somewhat problematic in a townhouse but is especially problematic in large apartments blocks, where there can be many Wi-Fi routers within close proximity.
  •  If you live in a very congested area, your router may be hopping around different channels trying to find the best one, and that can affect your signal and performance.

You can download our new Home-Connect Diagnostic app and our support team can make recommendations to improving your Wi-Fi performance. Remember should you require cabling, access points or additional extenders or boosters installed at your premises.  please speak to a third-party networking partner to assist. 

Can I get a static IP?

Yes, R55.00 per month. please request this from our Sales or Customer Service Team.

How to check your connection speed on your Apple TV

Please click here to view the guide for this question.

Why can’t I send out my emails when using Home-Connect as my ISP?

You can use our smtp server with no authentication or alternatively you can contact you email hosting provider.

Porting My Number?

Switch your current telephone number over to Home-Connect from any provider.

Home-Connect also offers competitive local and international call rates ( Link to the website rates)

When submitting request for porting on the Home-Connect Management Portal Shop , please have the following documents handy  .

–    Copy of Telkom/Provider invoice (not older than 3 months)
–    Copy of ID for the authorized person/owner of the account

You will be promoted to completed the Home-Connect GNP Form (form available online) on our portal Shop.

Do note that you must not cancel your number with your current provider, until after the porting by Home-Connect team is successfully completed.

Also note that Home-Connect can only port Geographic numbers. Any queries on porting please chat to our sales team.

Portal FAQ’s

How do I create a Home-Connect profile?

Please register by completing your personal details here

Should you encounter any issues please feel free to contact us on 0106120611 or send an email to [email protected]

I would like to update my banking details.

Banking details can be amended on the Home-Connect portal, please login to the portal here and update your banking details under my Profile button. Do note that the system will send you an authentication request to the registered mobile number in the system. Please accept the request in order to proceed with the request.

How do I upgrade or Downgrade?

Please login to the Home-Connect portal Here and click on the Service Change tab. Once your Service Change is received it will be processed by our operations team with the Fibre Network Provider. Do note that there is a notice period of one calendar month notice for downgrades on most of the provider networks. 

Do note that the system will send you an authentication request to the registered mobile number in the system. Please accept the request to proceed with the request.

How do I cancel on the portal?

Please login to the Home-Connect portal Here and click on the Cancellation tab. Once your cancellation is received it will be processed by our operations team with the Fibre Network Provider. Do note that there is a notice period of one calendar month notice for cancellations. Termination terms may apply to our packages.  

Do note that the system will send you an authentication request to the registered mobile number in the system. Please accept the request in order to proceed with the request.

My Fibre installation has been completed, what are the next steps?

Once the Fibre Installation is complete, our Operations team will confirm that your line has been activated and then dispatch a router to the delivery address that you have input upon signup.
Please note that activation after installation ranges between 24-72 hours to ensure that your fibre line is running optimally

I am unable to login into your portal?

For a better browsing experience please make use of the following compatible browsers. Google chrome, Firefox , and Safari.

Still unable to login? Please contact 010 612 0611 [email protected] to assist

How do I reset my password?

Please click on the link 

Select the forgot password option, a link will be sent to your registered email address to proceed to change your password,

Why do you require my Proof of address and ID copy, what if I don’t have proof of address for my current or new address?

Kindly note that for RICA and FICA proposes we require your ID and any proof of residency not older than 3 months (it can be for your new or old address). 

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